ReBoot 2015 Testimonials

Here is what the MKs that attended ReBoot 2015 had to say about their experience.

Highlights of this week included… the company of other MKs, sessions that were incredible, sports that rocked (Soccer), group time, debrief, openness, sex talk, food, going deeper with a few people, a sense of community, love and belonging…
Being able to connect with MKs who had been through similar experiences to mine and understand both the amazing and challenging parts of being an MK. I loved getting to know other MKs who were so similar to me.  I felt like I could be so free and not hide my weirdness

If a younger MK friend asked about ReBoot, I would say… Do it! It’s so amazing to have MK leaders and friends to figure life/transition with.  Plus it’s super fun! It will help you so much. Just DO it! It’s an awesome learning experience! Can I go along with you? You won’t regret it, it’s a great experience. Be mentally prepared because it is intense, but completely worth it.


It was a great time to bond with people just like us.  At first, I was cynical, but the group got closer together and it was fantastic.  This seminar also helped with the transition of moving to a different country. If you haven’t already been through a transition course, then ReBoot is perfect for you.  It helps orient you to a better and easier life in Canada.

Have you been in Canada a few years already? Are you older than 18?  Me too! I went to ReBoot last summer at the ripe old age of 20. I had been in Canada for 8 years before attending ReBoot. Yes, most of the participants were young and fresh to Canada. experience was awesome! I learned a lot about myself and the struggles and joys of being an MK, tools for dealing and coping and learning to be okay with the grief. And, I got to know 20 other, amazing MK's! It was really encouraging and challenging to hear from them; though their stories, ages and...maturity...may be different. As MK's we can connect with others on levels of incredible depth! Don't let age be a deterrent to that!
Join the family at ReBoot!! :)


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ReBoot Vision: To provide a safe place for Canadian MKs to review their life stories, be refreshed through worship and peer relationships in order to re-enter and navigate the transition to Canadian life and culture with God's grace.

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